NOG.BT: Second Bhutan Network Operators Group Meeting

Date and Location

14 - 18 September 2015, Thimphu.



The Bhutan Network Operators Group (BTNOG) would like to thank Bhutan Telecom for hosting this event.


The BTNOG Conference and Workshop is an opportunity for capacity development for the professionals of IT/ICT involved in the operation of networks and network services in Bhutan.


We encourage you to register as soon as possible. Due to the popular demand for the courses, the limited seats could run out fast.

BTNOG's Second Meeting consists of 4 days of training by hands-on-workshops and 1 day conference.

  • The registration fee for the training/workshops is Nu 15000.
  • The registration fee for the conference is Nu 3000.
  • The registration fee for both training and conference is Nu 18000.

Registration for BTNOG 2 can be done in cash or cheque to Bhutan Telecom. The registration fee goes towards covering the costs of holding the event.

Please contact secretariat at by email more information and to register for the second BTNOG meeting.


BTNOG 2 will be held at the Vice-Chancellor's Office, Royal University of Bhutan, Thimphu.


The call for papers for the 18th September BTNOG plenary is now open. Please submit your presentation proposals as soon as possible. The programme will be assembled on a first come first served basis. Deadline for all submissions is 4th September 2015.

The agenda for the second BTNOG has now been published. The conference outline is below.

Day 1 (Monday) - Day 4 (Thursday): Technical Workshops

  • Track 1: Introduction to Routing
  • Ram Krishna Pariyar, Kuenzang Dorji (Bhutan Telecom)
  • Track 2: Network and Systems Security
  • Randy Bush (IIJ), Matsuzaki Yoshinobu (IIJ), Alisha Gurung (TashiCell), Urpan Adhikari (TashiCell)

Day 5 (Friday, September 18th)


The presentations will be posted at the completion of BTNOG 2.

How to get to Thimphu

International participants have a choice of airlines, DrukAir and TashiAir, flying from Singapore, Bangkok, Kathmandu, and 6 ports in India.

More Information

For further information please contact the organising committee.



BTNOG is made possible with the support of many organisations with common interests in the development and stability of the Internet network infrastructure, operations, services and performance. We are always interested in expressions of interest of support from other organisations who share our desire to improve the Internet in the Bhutan.

Organisations who wish to support this or future BTNOG meetings should please contact the organising committee by sending email to btnog-coord at

We'd like to acknowledge the generous support of APNIC, ICANN, ISOC and NSRC.

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